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Internet projects of ROMART Group
Each publication is either relevant, useful and timely information for future and young parents or  unique channel for communication that is focused on the target audience.
Social network for young and future mothers - social network for future and young mothers. is much more than a general information site, it is the parental Internet community uniting all who are interested in such aspects of our life as like being a parent, motherhood, family life, child care, parenting. Here any future and young mother can create unique virtual home of her family - tell about herself and her relatives, upload photos, keep a diary, participate in competitions and sweepstakes, post reviews of medical and child care centers, find other users with common interests for communication, discusion of current issues and  experience exchange.
Socio-educational program in the field of maternity and childhood "University of motherhood"
Site designed specifically for pregnant and young mothers and aims to inform and support the audience on such issues as health and lifestyle of a pregnant woman, nutrition, breastfeeding, child care during the first year of his life, health of a mother and many other aspects of motherhood and childhood. Organizers of the program "University of motherhood" are:  First Moscow State Medical University of Sechenov, Ministry of Health, "ROMART" group. Program is implemented under the patronage of Health Care Department of Moscow Government, Moscow Region Ministry of Health Care, regional health authorities of the Russian Federation. The program is supported by the All-Russian Public Movement "Mothers of Russia", Union of Women of Russia. Program is  approved by Russian Union of Pediatricians
ROMART Media publishing house is member of ROMART group
Publishing activities of ROMART Media focuse primarily on production for the future and young parents.
Specialized manuals targeted at maternal and child health, breastfeeding support, health promotion and strengthening of the family institution, practical help in bringing up children, are published quarterly within the framework of socio-educational programs "University of motherhood" and "Competent parents" and distributed for free.